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      Having a rich inheritance of extensive experience of 3 decades and a satisfied customer base of over 50,000 families, Roofvest has firmly established itself as a familiar, trusted name in the Chennai real estate market. Our ongoing projects in and around Chennai further demonstrate our commitment to excellence. We take pride in offering property owners a hassle-free and efficient solution for selling their properties quickly and effortlessly.

      Safer and Faster

      Confidentiality Assurance

      Safeguard your data and property details with our strict non-disclosure agreements.

      Direct Transactions

      Experience a streamlined process for faster transactions and a seamless experience.

      Swift Turnaround

      Save time with the help of our valuation team which ensures you receive the best offers quickly.

      Legal Support

      Enjoy peace of mind by letting our experts handle legal disputes on your behalf.

      Exclusive NRI Support:

      Receive our specialised assistance at every step, big or small!

      1) Taxation support

      Benefit from our expert team of auditors who provide on-demand taxation support for NRIs, simplifying capital gains, exemptions, and repatriation to optimize financial outcomes.

      2) Effortless Documentation

      Enjoy a hassle-free documentation process with the assistance of our experienced legal experts.

      3) Compliance Assistance

      Verify your NRI status and comply with local legal regulations with our expert guidance.

      SSP - The Simplified Selling Process

      Submit Your Enquiry

      Start the process by submitting your property details either through our user-friendly platform or by contacting us directly.

      Get a Fair Proposal

      Our team will assess your property and present you with a competitive proposal that reflects its market value

      Accept Proposal

      Once you are satisfied with the offer, accept the proposal to move to the next step.

      Leave the Paperwork to Us

      Comprises of experienced real estate professionals and property managers who have an in-depth understanding of the Tamil Nadu real estate market.

      Project Management Team

      1) Real Estate and Valuation Team

      This team comprises experienced real estate professionals and property managers with a deep understanding of the Tamil Nadu real estate market

      2) Legal & Liaison Team

      Our team of lawyers with years of experience provides faster solutions and ensures a seamless experience throughout the process, handling legal compliance and regulatory requirements with ease.

      3) Taxation and Compliance Team

      Our expert auditors advise on legal intricacies and streamline property transactions for adherence and profitability.

      4) Project Management Team

      This diverse team includes well-known Architects, Surveyors, Contractors, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) consultants, and project managers.

      5) Property Management Team

      We have a dedicated team to manage liaising, tenant leases, and renovations, and handle daily property maintenance and operations.